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Service - Reserve Book
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The books in the Library can be reserved by the Library itself or can be ordered to reserve by the Faculty staff. In case the Library has only a few of some item which is in high demand of use, that item should be reserved. The reserved book is put on the reserve shelf behind the loan desk and the person who wants to use it must ask from the Library staff. Each borrowing time is only 3 days and the overdue fine is 10 bahts per item per day.

The recent list of reserve books are as follows: -

Department of Anatomy

        1. Agur, Anne M.R. Grant 's atlas of anatomy. 10th ed. QS17 G762a 1999. 10 copies
        2. Eroschenko, Victor P. di Fiore's atlas of histology with functional correlations. 9 th ed. QS517 E71f 2000. 5 copies
        3. Clemente, Carmine P. Anatomy: a regional atlas of the human body. 4th ed. QS17 C626a 1997. 16 copies

Department of Biochemistry

        1. Harper, Harold A. Harper's biochemistry. QU4 H294b 2000. 10 copies
        2. พจน์ ศรีบุญลือและคณะ. ตำราชีวเคมี. พิมพ์ครั้งที่ 3. QU4 ต3673 2543. 10 copies
        3. Lehninger, A. Lehninger principles of biochemistry. 3 rd ed.QU4 L523p 2000. 5 copies
        4. Harvey Lodish et al. Molecular Cell Biology. 4th ed. QH581.2 M718 2000. 5 copies

Department of Community Medicine

        1. อมรรัตน์ รัตนสิริ. ตำรามนุษยวิทยาการแพทย์. พิมพ์ครั้งที่ 2. W84.5 อ286ต 2541/2. 3 copies

Department of Medicine

        1. Braunwald, Eugene. et. al. Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine V.1. 15th ed. WB115 H322p 2001 V.1. 3 copies
2. Braunwald, Eugene. et al. Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine V.2. 15th ed. WB115 H322p 2001 V.2. 3 copies
3. Haines, Duane E. Neuroanatomy: An Atlas of Structures, Sections and System. 5th ed. WL17 H153n 2000. 10 copies

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

        1.Cunningham F. Gary. Williams Obstetrics. 21th ed. WQ100 W7240 2001. 3 copies
        2. กนก สีจร. สูติศาสตร์ พิมพ์ครั้งที่ 2. WQ100 ส886ก 2542. 2 copies
        3. Berek, Jonathan S. Novak's Gynecology. 13th ed. WP 100 N935 2002. 2 copies

Department of Paediatrics

        1. Richard E. Behrman, ed. Nelson textbook of pediatrics. 16th ed. WS100 N431t 2000. 2 copies

Department of Pathology

        1. Kumar, V. Basis pathology. 6th ed. QZ4 R636b 1997. 5 copies
        2. Cotran, Ramzi S. Robbins pathologic basis of disease. 6th ed. QZ4 R636p 1999. 3 copies
        3. Macfarlane, Peter S. Pathology illustrated. 5th ed. QZ17 G721 2000. 2 copies
        4. พงษ์ศักดิ์ วรรณไกรโรจน์, บรรณาธิการ. ตำราจุลพยาธิวิทยา. พิมพ์ครั้งที่ 1. QZ17 ต367 2541. 5 copies

Department of Surgery

        1. Rusell, R.C.G. ed. Bailey & Love's short practice of surgery. 23rd ed.WO100 B154 2000. 3 copies
        2. Bailey, Hamilton. Hamilton Bailey's physical signs: demonstrations of physical signs in clinical surgery. 18th ed. WO141 B154 1997. 5 copies

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