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Service - Document Supply
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The Document Supply service comprises the Interlibrary Loan service (ILL) and the Document Delivery service (DD)

The Interlibrary Loan Service (ILL)

When the Library user cannot find some document or journal article in the KKUML, he or she can inform the service Library staff to ask for its photocopy from some other library in Thailand or abroad. The user has to fill in the ILL request form with the bibliographic details of the document wanted, pay in advance and the Library staff will adjust the service charge again when the document or journal article arrives at KKUML. The service charge depends on the charges of the library which KKUML contacts with.

The time of delivery is around 2-3 weeks by mail. If the user is the Faculty teaching staff and the document is in the Faculties of Medicine in Chiang Mai and Songkhla, the KKUML can provide the Scan-File Interlibrary Loan Service. This kind of service has the delivery time of 24 hours to 2 days.

The Document Delivery Service (DD)

If there is no document or journal article wanted by the user in other libraries, the KKUML can help the user find some other place that can provide the material. The other sources such as information centers, database companies, internet, etc., may be choices. The user who wants the document has to pay for the service charge the KKUML uses in acquiring it. The time of delivery depends on the type of service which the user chooses.

KKUML users can use e-form to check which library can provide them with the needed document.

Starting from 26 April 2004, another type of the Document Delivery service (DD) is provided to the Faculty staff and graduate students of KKU. At KKUML, the staff and graduate students of the Faculty of Medicine can borrow books and audio-visulas of the KKU Central Library. Users can send the request via any of the following ways.
1. Fill in the e-form at the web site http://library.kku.ac.th
2. Fill in the DD form which can be printed from the same web site as 1
and present it at the circulation desk.
3. Search the required item by WebOPAC and send the request from
Users can return books of any library at the circulation desk. If the item
is overdue, users must pay the fine at the owner library.


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